Goal Achievement

I use this blog as part of my journaling. Last year my goal was to make 24 posts (averaging two per month). This year my goal was 36 posts, and next year, my final goal is to write 48 posts in a year. I have achieved my goal for the year, and I still have four months remaining! I hope these have been edifying and enjoyable for those few of you that read my notes.

I actually feared that I might not make my goal because of a ministry change I had to make. I am responsible for conducting the call to worship at church. For several years, that meant that I went up front nearly every week and started the morning service. It also meant that I potentially had something to post every week. However, this year I was able build a great team. This brought down the number of times I conducted the call to worship to about once each month, and this is why you find less calls on this blog this year. However, what I lost in potential articles, I gained in friendship, coaching, and time to reflect on other things. Among other things, I was able to do my first book review, and journal my trip to Israel.

I write this not as a brag, because maintaining a blog is really nothing to brag about in my opinion, but to encourage you to keep pursuing goals you have set, and “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matt. 6:33).

©2011 Paul Tillman

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