5 Minute Maintenance

whirlpool-strike-w10542314-ap5650274_01_mOne home maintenance item that hadn’t crossed my mind to regularly check and replace was the dishwasher door gasket. I happened to be doing some work on the baseboard and noticed water discoloration on the backside of the wood.  This was not a major leak, probably just a few drips every time the washer ran a cycle, and there was no damage. Still, the gasket needed replacing.

$50 seemed a pretty steep price for a length of molded rubber, but that is far less than the cost of new floors, cabinets, and baseboard. The replacement took less that 5 minutes, and I could see the new gasket was two to three times as thick as the compressed and degrading gasket I had taken out. This maintenance was definitely worth my time and effort.

Today, have you taken 5 minutes to pray, and then 5 minutes to listen? How about 5 minutes to read the Bible, and then 5 minutes to meditate on what you read?  5 minutes to give thanks? 5 minutes to consider the condition  of your soul? It’s just quick maintenance. It doesn’t cost a lot, and you’ll be better off in the long run.

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