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To the Roots

Over at Common Denominator, Dr. Ken Schenck has been engaging in in some of the difficult theological questions in the Christian faith. In Pastoral counseling a graduate biology student . . . he addresses evolution, and in Can we “lose” our salvation? he addresses eternal security. What makes Dr. Schenck’s approach exceptional is that he addresses the root struggle of these theological issues. If one take a particular view of Genesis, literal rather than mythological, then we don’t have to wrestle with the more difficult Pauline theology of sin though Adam in Romans 5. If one takes a particular view of eternal security, once saved always saved, then we don’t have to wrestle with the more difficult issue of second repentance in Hebrews 6.

5537419706_cee09335e7_oThere is something to be said for not trolling for problems where there doesn’t need to be one, however, some of these views may not be so helpful when we move from theology in theory to theology in practice. Taking that step back to evaluate the more difficult issue, theological or practical, going to root issue, is one way we work out our salvation. I think that is where Dr. Schenck is going with his posts. For my take, I will start with the practical. Continue reading To the Roots

Wesleyans Just Wanna Have Fun

The title of the post should be sung to the tune of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” but those of you that grew up in the 1980s already knew that.

Over at Ascending Mount Carmel, Jason L. has made his second post on “If Theologians Were Beers” (part 1 & part 2). I am neither a beer drinker nor a Roman Catholic, but I enjoyed the posts. As a Wesleyan, I might have received a call from my district superintendent if I wrote such a post.  (I still might for linking to Jason’s post!) DISCLAIMER: This blog, Five Words with Understanding, is not officially endorsed by The Wesleyan Church. Continue reading Wesleyans Just Wanna Have Fun

Evolving, Humans and Theology

Lately, I have come across several news stories regarding evolution and the fossil record (IO9, Yahoo News, Life Science). Normally, this is not a subject that I spend a lot of time on unless I happen to be teaching a class on Genesis, but between the news articles and a fantastic piece from Rachel Held Evans’ summer “Ask a . . .” series (check the whole series out, they are great!) entitled Ask an Evolutionary Creationist, the topic has been on my mind.

Picard and Q on primordial earth from the ST:TNG episode “All Goog Things.” Q’s line as they look into the ooze where life is to begin is classic. “Aw, nothing happened.”

Continue reading Evolving, Humans and Theology