Summarizing The Wesleyan Membership Commentments

commitmentWhile updating my membership class material, I found it useful to summarize each of the covenant membership commitments. I am posting my work here hoping that other Wesleyans (laity, pastors, historians, and scholars) as well as just other Christians might give me some feedback. I hope my summaries maintain the “historic, ethical, and practical standards of The Wesleyan Church,”1 even if I have lost some of the specifics.

  1. Toward God
    1. I will regularly attend church.
    2. I will not join a cult. (or positively) I will be faithful to Jesus Christ.
  2. Toward Self
    1. edited: I will be generous to others. I will act godly and responsibly with my resources: body, time, and money.
    2. edited: I will not waste my body, time, or money. (or positively) I will be responsible with my body, time, and money. I will maintain a good Christian witness with my lifestyle.
  3. Toward Family
    1. I will honor and preserve marriage and sexuality.
    2. I will love my family. (or negatively) I will not abuse my family.
  4. Toward the Church
    1. I will help others grow in the faith.
    2. I will grow in the faith.
    3. edited (added “ecstatic”): I will not use ecstatic prayer language in corporate worship. (or positively) I will ensure I am understood when speaking during corporate worship.
  5. Toward Others
    1. I will help those in need.
    2. I will respect the rights of all people.
    3. I will be honest.

1. Glenn D. Black, G., Cady, D., Heer, K., Kind, K., MacBeth, W., Mansell, J., McClung, R. (editors). (2012). The Discipline of The Wesleyan Church 2012Indianapolis, IN: Wesleyan Publishing House.
2. photo credit: Rennett Stowe via photopin cc

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