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SoulShift #2: Slave to Child

I was reluctant to even begin reading the next chapter because I still have work to do to on the previous soul shift. However, nobody wants to wait three years for a book review, and I imagine that as individuals read SoulShift, different shifts will impact more or less deeply depending upon one’s experience.

The writing regarding the slave to child soul shift used forms of the word “know” frequently, as in “knowing you are a child.” Continue reading SoulShift #2: Slave to Child

Life Verse

This originated from a co-pastor at my church, and, with her permission, I have re-posted it. I considered it a great encouragement and discussion starter, and will post my “life verse” as a comment to this post as soon as I am able. To hear from multiple people on this topic, even someone who may not agree with the idea of a life verse, would be enlightening for all who read.

Have you ever picked out a life verse? A life verse is one or more Scripture verses that a person has made part of his or her day-to-day life. It is a verse that one reads, and keeps going back to again, because it has become like a personal standard, goal, or philosophy. Continue reading Life Verse