Oblate Candidate Enrollment

rp_obisb-300x291.jpgWe did not have an oblate class this month; instead we joined the sisters for evening prayer, which had a theme of joining a family. Those of us in oblate formation sat in the first row of chorus 1, and each of our sponsors sat behind us. The hymn, Psalms and passage from Isaiah followed this pattern. First, a hymn about union with Christ. Second, a prayer about God and his people as bride and groom. Third, a prayer about the blessing of family and children. Fourth, a prayer about coming to Jerusalem as one family of God. Continue reading Oblate Candidate Enrollment

Upon This Tradition and Spirituality of Leadership – Oblate Formation

4073134918_e2107aa278_oSeptember’s oblate formation class was titled “Upon This Tradition and Spirituality of Leadership.” The title sounded daunting; the course consisted of storytelling. Three sisters and the prioress shared the stories of:

  • Benedict and Scholastica
  • the two sisters and one oblate who came to America from Germany, and established a priory in Pennsylvania
  • how the work moved them to Minnesota, and the growth there
  • the founding of St. Paul’s Monastery
  • the effects of Vatican II
  • the sisters’ own personal stories of coming to and living as a Benedictine (these were the most memorable stories)

Continue reading Upon This Tradition and Spirituality of Leadership – Oblate Formation

The Benedictine Values

The following are the Benedictine values as articulated by the sister’s of St. Paul’s Monastery. For the most part, I find them aligned with the Wesleyan membership commitments and in many ways with Living Stones Discipleship.

  • Awareness of God (R.B. 19)
  • Community Living (R.B. 23)
  • Dignity of Work (R.B. 48)
  • Hospitality (R.B. 53)
  • Justice (R.B. 57)
  • Listening (R.B. 48)
  • Moderation (R.B. Prologue)
  • Peace (R.B. 4, 73)
  • Respect for Persons (R.B. 72)
  • Stability (R.B. 58)
  • Stewardship (R.B. 31)

These values are also articulated in The Oblate’s Prayer.

obisbO God, help us to become people of prayer and peace. Though scattered far and wide, help us to be together in the spirit of your love. Give us hearts wide enough to embrace each other as well as those whose lives we touch. Enable us to listen and to learn from each other and those around us each day. May we be models in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities of wise stewardship, dignified human labor, sacred leisure, and reverence for all living things. Above all, O God, may our presence among others be a constant witness of justice, compassion, and hope to all. Amen.

R.B. – The Rule of S. Benedict
The Oblate’s Prayer – Adapted from the Alliance for International Monasticism Prayer by Sue Walkoviak, OblSB, St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, MN

Assignment or Ministry

name_tagI recently attended a class at St. Paul’s Monastery. When I arrived, I was greeted, and  then given my name tag from among those laid out on the table.  The greeter did not give me a blank name tag and a Sharpie, nor a computer printed name tag, but a hand written name tag with a stylized font. I noticed all the name tags had the same look. Someone had written these name tags not an assignment, but as a ministry. Continue reading Assignment or Ministry

5 Minute Maintenance

whirlpool-strike-w10542314-ap5650274_01_mOne home maintenance item that hadn’t crossed my mind to regularly check and replace was the dishwasher door gasket. I happened to be doing some work on the baseboard and noticed water discoloration on the backside of the wood.  This was not a major leak, probably just a few drips every time the washer ran a cycle, and there was no damage. Still, the gasket needed replacing. Continue reading 5 Minute Maintenance

Initial Oblate Application Part 2

180px-Medalla_San_BenitoQuestion 2: How will you get there? This question asks further questions. How will you invest yourself in the Formation Program? How can you use the resources available in the community around you to assist in your formation? Will there be retreats, days of prayer, and spiritual direction available to you and will participate in some of them? What tools (such as keeping a log or journal) can you use to grow in a contemplative stance toward your life and work/ministry? Continue reading Initial Oblate Application Part 2

Thoughts on Personal and Corporate Spiritual Formation

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