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The Place of Ritual

prayingMy recent guest appearance on The Techology Show left me wondering if I presented my church as stuck in the past with regard to worship as we discussed ritual as part of worship. In fact, our worship is contemporary, but I believe that ancient ritual is relevant for today. A recent article titled “Researchers: ‘Ritiual’ Atheists and Agnostics Could Be Sitting Next to You in Church” by Jeff Schapiro in The Christian Post illustrates this point. Schapiro states: Continue reading The Place of Ritual

Book Review: ΘRGANIX

ΘRGANIX by Bob Whitesel examines and explains the Millennial leadership model as compared to the Modern (Boomer) leadership model. I think this book is worth reading by leaders belonging to any generation, especially those working across generations or attempting to build multi-generational ministry. Boomer leaders will see what the next generation is doing as, and expecting of, leaders. Millennial leaders will find affirmation (or correction) for their style, and see the perspective of the previous generation. Gen-Xers (like me) will see how we have walked the line between the two styles. I was able to see where my early leadership training came from, and why I felt the need to sometimes buck that instruction as I grew as a leader. For all, there are lessons to be learned about providing authentic leadership for the next generation. Continue reading Book Review: ΘRGANIX