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Discernment Retreat – Oblate Formation

6722697543_9a0f26a795_oThe oblate candidates spend 24 hours at the monastery for a final discernment retreat. We spent much of our time either in silence or prayer, even taking our meals separately from the monastic community, but still participating in all the chapel prayer times.

Discernment combines figuring something out with supernatural revelation. Discernment does not happen without both the person searching and the Holy Spirit showing. Continue reading Discernment Retreat – Oblate Formation

A Dave Matthew’s Life

For the last few months, and probably continuing well into next year, I have been living a in Dave Matthew’s song. Where are you going? (I supposed it is better than living in Gravedigger.) I am in my final year of seminary, and the question one receives at this time is different than when one is finishing undergraduate work. When nearing completion of an undergraduate degree people ask, “What are you going to do?” but everyone already has some idea what a seminarian is going to do, so they want to know where we are going to do what we do. Continue reading A Dave Matthew’s Life