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Book Review: Being Dad

A couple of years ago David Drury invited me to stay at his home while I took a seminary intensive course. I sat in his family’s living room one evening reading a book, and observed his family interact as I peered over the book pages and kept my ears open. At the time, my daughter was two-years-old, and in that moment I hoped and prayed that I was seeing a picture of what my family life would look like ten years into the future. I saw peace, fun, laughter, discussion, play, decisions, discovery, discipline . . . I saw a man being dad. David has now written a book titled Being Dad, and it is my privilege to review it.

Being Dad cover

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Choices of Faith

Scot McKnight has an interesting post over at Jesus Creed on “How the Copts Pick a Pope.” I encourage you to read the article for yourself, but to sum up the process, a group of clergy and some laity get together and whittle down the candidates, who must meet certain minimum requirements, to three. The final choice is one of faith, as the name of the new pope is drawn by lot by an impartial blindfolded child. Continue reading Choices of Faith