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My Spiritual Exercises

Today I finally received a copy of The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius from Paperback Swap. I have  been intrigued by the Jesuit Order probably since I first saw a Jesuit missionary portrayed in a movie, and could not be sure if he was a good guy or bad guy. I chose to do a brief study (which I have included below) of the Jesuits and Ignatius for research in the Global Christian History course at Wesley Seminary.

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Choices of Faith

Scot McKnight has an interesting post over at Jesus Creed on “How the Copts Pick a Pope.” I encourage you to read the article for yourself, but to sum up the process, a group of clergy and some laity get together and whittle down the candidates, who must meet certain minimum requirements, to three. The final choice is one of faith, as the name of the new pope is drawn by lot by an impartial blindfolded child. Continue reading Choices of Faith

Evolving, Humans and Theology

Lately, I have come across several news stories regarding evolution and the fossil record (IO9, Yahoo News, Life Science). Normally, this is not a subject that I spend a lot of time on unless I happen to be teaching a class on Genesis, but between the news articles and a fantastic piece from Rachel Held Evans’ summer “Ask a . . .” series (check the whole series out, they are great!) entitled Ask an Evolutionary Creationist, the topic has been on my mind.

Picard and Q on primordial earth from the ST:TNG episode “All Goog Things.” Q’s line as they look into the ooze where life is to begin is classic. “Aw, nothing happened.”

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