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And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

pathfinderWhile I haven’t been blogging here much lately, I have been blogging. Readers probably noted that the majority of my posts over the last seven months have sent readers over to the Oakdale Wesleyan Church website. At that site, I had been posting the mission report from last Fall’s trip to Uganda. Seven months, sixteen posts, and many pictures and videos later, The Pathfinder Report is completed. Please head over and check it all out. Since that work is done (the writing, not the work in Uganda), I will now return to regular posting on spiritual formation on this site . . . sort of.


Readers have probably also noticed that the blog name has changed from In God’s Way to Imitatio Dei (Imitation of God), which I believe reflects more the intent of this blog, and would have been the name I first chose, had I thought of it. I have the goal of migrating all content over to (which already mirrors the blog home page) by the end of the year, and I am open to ideas about how best to use, which I have purchased as well.

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow with you all, individually and corporately, into a true reflection of God’s image.

Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God. (3 John 1:11 NIV)

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