Adapting SoulShift

flowerThis Fall, Oakdale Wesleyan Church plans to grow through church-wide (all ages and stages) spiritual formation together using SoulShift. While I really like the material, I want to make sure we properly adapt SoulShift for our community and context, as we want to grow into the best body of Christ we can as Oakdale Wesleyan Church, instead of trying to become a “College Wesleyan Church Mini-me.” I may blog time to time on my adaptations. My first thought is to try and align the seven shifts with our church’s core values.

This whole discipleship program could simply go under our values of Cultivating Maturity, but I would like to show how growing in these areas effects our other emphasis areas as well. Some shifts I place in multiple categories. This is my first attempt:

Seeking the Missing

Cultivating Maturity

Ministering to all

I am also thinking I could spring off my own Ignorance to Wisdom shift as an introduction, that we need to know who God is, who we are, and who God has renewed us to be in order to move forward.

photo credit: monteregina via photopin cc

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